Beachfront Design 

Beachfront Design is a consulting firm specializing in Medical Device design and development. Our mission is to improve the lives of patients by meeting the needs of our clients through expert consultation.

We provide cradle to grave support of medical device product design and development. Services include, but are not limited to, product design, prototyping, product testing, pre-clinical studies, DHF creation and maintenance, Program Management, market analysis, business models, and scale-up for commercialization. If you have a new product idea you would like to develop or an existing product that needs to be refreshed, we are here to help.


Kevin Arnal

The transformation to value-based health care is well under way in the medical device industry. For businesses to thrive they need to demonstrate how their products and services lead to better outcomes, while achieving the desired cost and performance metrics.

As a Research and Development professional with results-driven leadership in engineering management, program management, and product development, Kevin Arnal has a record developing talent, building highly engaged product development teams, and delivering innovative new products. Kevin has technical skills in electromechanical systems, medical device design, mechanical engineering, and product development within the stage-gate process.

★ Developed and drove the strategic pipeline of new products with revenue exceeding $100M and 34 patents issued on medical devices and electromechanical products.

Big things seem to start with deceptively small things. A key strength of Beachfront Design is the ability to bring the talent and the best parts of a process or idea and make the application practical.

In big picture terms, Beachfront Design can communicate a realistic understanding of the customer value proposition and business opportunity, and then bring the best people and technology together to achieve irresistible results in device design and manufacturability.

We help companies achieve market leadership and set new industry standards, with a clear definition of customer unmet needs and technology identification.

★ Built a team to support customer education through life-like models, which set a new standard for the industry, and became part of the overall business strategy

Beachfront Design can help you meet your business needs. If you are looking to learn more, please contact us. We want to build relationships with professionals who are passionate about meeting customer needs through innovation.